Pursuit of

Food excellence

Our Story

Throughout the past 31 years of Grand Asia Food Industry, we have engaged our business with quality and safety food products to meet consumer’s needs worldwide. We are equally proud of our dedicated staff and workers who have contributed greatly with their concerted efforts and teamwork towards a success story to be treasured in our history. In the new era, we are more than glad and happy to put emphasis on the well-being of employees considered as the most important asset of the company. Meanwhile, it is deemed important and appropriate what the company will do for society as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities that have been successfully implemented in the past year. In line with BSCI-orientation, the workers will eventually be taken care of more effectively resulting in “Quality People Produce Quality Products” Of course, we are also very grateful to our customers who have played a vital role in our successful business growth.

Commitment of Quality

Grand Asia Industry pays close attention to details when it comes to production. We believe that food is an essential part of life and should be treated with care, We make sure that our production lines meet numerous international standards and are certified by major respectable organizations. As a result, GMP, HACCP, BRC, IFS, HALAL and BSCI. Our excellence is recognized with Thailand Diversity & Refinement stamp and Prime Minister’s Export Award.